‘Twickel Purple’ lavender for containers

'Twickel Purple' lavender (Photo from perennials.com)

I’m always interested in growing plants with intense fragrance in containers, placed on doorsteps and close to outdoor chairs where they can be enjoyed up close. Lavender is frequently among the group of pots I set out each spring, and I’m picky about which lavenders I choose. Although lavender flowers are long lasting (and some will repeat bloom), the stems and foliage aren’t … [Read more...]

Preparing containers for winter

Pots to preserve over winter (Garden Making photo)

I went for a drive through Niagara vineyards this weekend as the suddenly warm and moist air turned the late fall landscape into a beautiful tapestry of muted colours. Every now and then, something brilliant appeared to catch my eye. In one vineyard, tall stands of late purple monkshood (for more about this perennial, see late bloomers in the garden ) stood against clusters of … [Read more...]

Container Gardening Basics

Garden Making Editor-in-Chief Beckie Fox with dog Hazel

Start with container gardening basics. Successful container gardening depends on the right container and soil. Careful feeding and watering also keep your containers thriving. You'll learn the container gardening basics in this video featuring Garden Making Editor-in-Chief Beckie Fox: 1. Choosing a container: consider the size and weight, the material it's made from and … [Read more...]

Start with good plants

Healthy plants in container

Start with healthy plants to help your container garden reach its full potential earlier in the season. Healthy plants bounce back faster after the inevitable traumas they encounter when moving from their small, temporary cell packs or pots to roomier quarters. Healthy plants also have more resources to muster if they need to thwart pests or diseases. Healthier doesn’t … [Read more...]

Easy steps to gorgeous containers

Containers (Garden Making photo)

You can enjoy gorgeous containers. Here's a list with tips for container gardening from Garden Making Editor-in-Chief Beckie Fox: Choosing Your Container •  Choose containers in shapes and styles compatible with your house and landscape. Terra cotta, concrete and cast-iron are beautiful but heavy. Plastic is inexpensive and light, but not always aesthetically pleasing. Wood … [Read more...]

Herbs are perfect for pots

Herbs in pots (Garden Making photo)

Herbs make ideal low-maintenance container plants, mainly because most thrive on minimal water and food — within reason, of course. In the case of mints, a pot is the only way to go unless you don’t mind them galloping through your garden beds. Another practical reason to tend a herb garden above ground is convenience for the cook. I cluster several terra-cotta pots around … [Read more...]

Freshen up containers for fall

Fall planter

Perhaps it's time to freshen up your containers for fall. Take a close look your container. If it’s looking tired — or you’re just plain tired of it  — then it's easy to change. Liven it up with Icicle pansies, ornamental kales and cabbages, asters, ornamental grasses and a few small gourds or pumpkins. Add some herb plants for foliage interest and voila!, you have a new … [Read more...]

Sunny container combo for your garden

Sunny container combination (Garden Making photo)

The beauty of container gardening is trying new plant and colour combinations every year. Here a sunny container combo that I liked so much, I may recreate it again: 1 red-edged green New Zealand flax (Phormium cultivar) 1 golden box honeysuckle (Lonicera nitida ‘Baggesen’s Gold’) 1 weeping brown sedge (Carex flagellifera) 1 bronze-leaved sweet potato vine (Ipomoea … [Read more...]