Fun for gardeners at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

NatureFresh greenhouse

I’ve gone to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair every November since 1994, but it has only been the past few years I’ve noticed all the gardening and agricultural displays. I’ve always focussed on the horses, occasionally noticing the dogs, cows and other creatures, but my interests have expanded recently, and now I search out the […]

Urban beehives plus pollinator gardens makes tasty honey

Director of Education, Liz Hood, opens the hive to reveal how the bees live inside.

It’s no secret or surprise to gardeners that pollinators are essential to our gardens and, more importantly, to our food supply. One hopes more people, including non-gardeners, are learning this, too. Although we may know why healthy bee colonies are important, what can we do to help make bees happy? What’s the role of urban […]