How to grow perennials from seed

How to grow perennials from seed
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Growing perennials from seed is an economical way to add new plants to your flowerbeds and borders. However, germinating perennial seeds successfully requires knowing how to break their dormancy.

This Garden Know How e-book provides everything you need to know about starting perennials from seed.

Find out which seeds need to be started in moderate, cool or cold temperatures.

You’ll also find other useful tips to keep your new perennials healthy and thriving.

Soon you’ll be sharing homegrown phlox, delphiniums and columbines with family and friends.

Sections in the e-book include:

  • Getting started
  • Starting seed outdoors
  • Starting seed indoors
  • Seeds requiring moderate temperature
  • Seeds requiring cool, moist temperature
  • Seeds requiring cold, moist temperature
  • When will they bloom?

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