How to seed a new lawn

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Not all new lawns begin with rolls of sod. Thick, green grass can be started from seed, too. In addition to saving money, another benefit to a seed-sown lawn is the ability to select a mixture customized for your particular site and climate. Learn how from this free Garden Know How tip sheet on how to seed a new lawn.

The secret to success is preparing the site and choosing the right seed. After seeding, it’s just a matter of careful watering and feeding. Before long, you’ll be running barefoot through the soft, green blades of grass in your backyard.

Sections include:

  • Clearing the site
  • Prepping for planting day
  • Sowing the seed
  • Watering and feeding
  • Selecting a lawn seed mix
  • Which grass is for you?
  • Outsmart cinch bugs

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