Growing Japanese anemones


Garden Making Editor Beckie Fox with anemones at Niagara Botanical Gardens
Garden Making Editor Beckie Fox at Niagara Parks with anemones (Photo by Mark Disero)

The delicate-looking Japanese anemones are fall flowers that you’ll find easy to grow. They can be quite vigorous once established.

Garden Making Editor-in-Chief Beckie Fox tells you about anemones in the beautiful setting of the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens.

Also, we take you behind the scenes to a major grower and plant wholesaler, Valleybrook Gardens in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont., where Sales Consultant Tony Post describes a few of his favourite Japanese anemone cultivars and how to keep them happy.

We published six pages on Japanese anemones in issue #7, Fall 2011. You can order a back copy.

Valleybrook’s plants are marketed under the Heritage Perennials brand and they have more information online at as well as a retailer locator.


  1. Sandy Venton says

    I love the video on Japanese anemones. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Robustissima is the one that never fails for me in our Zone 2b climate. I garden in what is lovingly referred to as “Manitoba gumbo”, almost pure clay, and this anemone never disappoints.
    I look forward to receiving the fall edition!

    • Beckie says

      Thanks, Sandy, and to others who have commented on our videos. We hope to post more gardening videos in the future.–Beckie

  2. pauline says

    I think invasive would be more apt than vigorous! I love them and would be sad not to have these lovely flowers in the fall, but they spread quickly and I have a hard time eliminationg them from areas where they threaten some more delicate plants. I wish I had been forewarned and I would have planted them in a bottomless pot or bucket as I do to control some other thugs.

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