Beckie Fox

beareded iris

Dividing bearded iris

Beckie Fox

Gardeners are mostly trying to keep on top of routine tasks: deadheading annuals and perennials; weeding; watering containers and vulnerable plants; and maintaining the compost pile. But if you grow bearded irises, add “divide iris rhizomes”  to your to-do list.

Tomatoes should be fully coloured and slightly soft when squeezed. (Photo by Joanne Young)

Vegetables taking centre stage

Beckie Fox

It’s mid-August and vegetable growers in most of the country are busy harvesting their bounty while figuring out ways to extend the season. I admire their dedication and skill. I mainly grow ornamentals, dabbling in tomatoes, herbs, lettuce and garlic.

dahlia and earwig

Perfection is overrated

Beckie Fox

Let’s be honest. The gardens we most admire in books and magazines, and on Instagram and Facebook do not look like our own gardens. Their level of perfection is awe inspiring and daunting.

inspiring potential gardeners

Inspiring future gardeners

Beckie Fox

Many of today’s enthusiastic gardeners grew up with someone who loved gardening — a parent, another relative, a friendly neighbour. Children who see the significant adults in their lives taking joy from their gardens will file those memories away.

clematis climbing on tree

Do-it-yourself-clematis supports

Beckie Fox

There’s plenty of choice in the clematis family, and if you choose varieties from each of the three main groups, you can have blooms from early spring to early fall. If you want the vertical interest of their flowers, you’ll need to provide some sort of support for them to climb.