Colleen Zacharias

This meadow garden replaced an area of turf grass and has been planted with wildflowers such as Gaillardia and Wild Bergamot. (Photos: Prairie Flora)

How to make a meadow

Colleen Zacharias

A step-by-step guide to making a meadow garden with native wildflowers and grasses with plant suggestions.

Combining cultivars of the same species sparks interest in the garden. Shown: Three varieties of Ligularia -- Othello, The Rocket, Osiris Cafe Noir. Photo credit: Doris McComb

Plants with personality

Colleen Zacharias

Plants with unusual characteristics spark interest and attention in the garden.

Getty Stewart, home economist, harvests stinging nettle every spring.

Expand your palate with edible perennial plants

Colleen Zacharias

Colleen Zacharias writes about several gardeners in Winnipeg already harvesting food to enjoy from their gardens. Getty Stewart (above) harvests stinging nettle every spring to use in recipes.

Against a backdrop of Skybound cedars, Swiss Stone pine shines in this Winnipeg backyard. Photo credit: John Leperre

Pines – evergreens for all seasons

Colleen Zacharias

The Pinus species is unique among conifers. Long-lived trees, their distinctive needles are grouped in bundles called fascicles. Evergreen conifers provide a beautiful backdrop for other plants in the landscape.


Design tips and plant combination ideas for containers

Colleen Zacharias

Creating and designing a container garden is an opportunity to experience an outstanding spectrum of colour and texture. Moveable feasts, container gardens offer a luxuriant start to the growing season and the potential for eye-catching displays that can be enjoyed during the hottest months of summer and into the cooler temperatures of autumn.