Kat Fox

The tomato cages and stakes just didn't cut it, and now a big wooden stick is trying to hold mo monster tomatoes back from the peppers in front. Marigolds and sage are hiding in the cinder blocks under my tomato monster, and I think they'll have to accept that their "time in the sun" has passed. That corner will never see sun again.

Lessons from the veggie garden

Kat Fox

It’s time for an update on my first ever vegetable bed.

Big, textured hosta leaves are gorgeous on their own, or mix them with a few blooms. I chose another shade-loving plant, begonias, as a companion because of the bright pink colour and because I know my begonias will rebloom this summer. The begonias will wilt long before the hostas do, so I'll replace the begonias with something else to keep the arrangement going.

Tips for flower arrangements from your garden

Kat Fox

Beyond the usual roses and peonies, many plants make gorgeous arrangements for inside. Here are some tips for flower arrangements from your garden.

Lupines like acidic soil and lots of drainage, so heavy clay soil just won’t do. These lupines are happily growing in hard-packed gravel.

How to grow lupines

Kat Fox

How to grow lupines. These plants are tall, colourful perennials.

Just a few of the plants that will end up in the holes of the cinderblocks that edge my new raised bed. Marigolds, including some Kilimanjaro White that I’m starting from seed), herbs, zinnias, snapdragons and other flowers will fill the cinderblocks, making them look more pretty than utilitarian.

Building a raised garden bed

Kat Fox

When building a raised garden bed, you can use almost any material — straw bales, rocks, concrete, logs. A popular choice is lumber.

A wide variety of irises were for sale, though "sold out" signs quickly went up next to each iris's name. Also available was a large selection of clematis, alpine plants, succulents, hardy orchids, trees and peonies, including peony tenuifolia, which has fern-like foliage...and that's just to name a few.

The hardy plant society’s super plant sale

Kat Fox

This past Sunday was the Ontario Rock Garden and Hardy Plant Society‘s annual plant sale, held at the Toronto Botanical ...