Gardens West, Gardens Central is out of business

Garden Making

gardens west gardens central gardens eastThe Vancouver company that had published Gardens West magazine along with Gardens Central and Gardens East went bankrupt in October 2014 without being able to notify subscribers or arrange the transfer of subscriptions to another magazine. If you were a subscriber to Gardens West, Gardens Central or Gardens East magazine, we invite you to try Garden Making magazine.

According to a notice on the website of Campbell, Saunders Ltd.: “Cornwall Publishing Company Limited dba Gardens West Magazine was deemed to have filed an assignment in bankruptcy on September 30, 2014, and Campbell, Saunders Ltd. was appointed as Trustee for the bankrupt estate. The Trustee obtained a Court Order on October 3, 2014, authorizing that the Trustee is not required to mail the notice of the bankruptcy and first meeting of creditors to the company’s subscribers.”


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6 thoughts on “Gardens West, Gardens Central is out of business”

  1. It’s sad to know there is no longer a Gardens West magazine. I hope your new company has just as much information specific to western Canada for us Alberta folks.


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