Helping rosemary survive indoors

Beckie Fox

Rosemary doesn’t like to dry out completely.

Over the years, I’ve overwintered rosemary indoors with about a 75 per cent success rate. My track record improved once I learned that this herb doesn’t like to dry out when grown indoors, which seems counter-intuitive given that Salvia rosmarinus is native to dry, rocky areas in the Mediterranean.

Recently, I came across more about rosemary’s growing requirements from Lee Reich, a U.S. garden author with degrees in soil science, horticulture and chemistry. Reich’s article also describes how to create a rosemary topiary with step-by-step photos.

For more insight into overwintering rosemary, read Laura Langston’s advice on the Garden Making website here.

Even when I follow all of the advice, by late March my rosemary is barely hanging on, usually struggling under an unattractive coating of powdery mildew. It’s touch and go until I can whisk it outdoors in full sun and fresh air — its preferred conditions. Fortunately, it usually rewards me with healthy new growth, but if not, I start again. Rosemary is one of those herbs I can’t live without.

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3 thoughts on “Helping rosemary survive indoors”

  1. I have overwintered rosemary for a number of years now after I received the advice from Trevor Cole to water it frequently and not to let it dry out. Ed Lawrence always stresses that our houses during the winter are drier than a desert. Even knowing that now I lost one of my two plants last winter. I love having rosemary fresh for cooking all winter long.

    I miss your magazine. I have all the issues and consult them frequently.

  2. I am so happy that Garden Making is alive and well. So much useful information. Thanks for the info on overwintering Rosemary. Like you I can’t live without it!! So glad to know how I can make my rather large Rosemary plant happier!!!!

    Sylvia McNabb


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