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Hellebore (Garden Making photo)

Is there a plant you wouldn’t be without in your garden? One that’s your absolute favourite? Freelance writer Lorraine Flanigan asked gardeners across the country to pick just one plant (a difficult task for these plantaholics!) and describe why it’s their favourite. Her story on their favourites is in No. 21 Great Plants to Grow and includes trees, perennials, annuals, shrubs and bulbs.

We didn’t have room in the magazine for all the suggestions. Below are a few more choices from other expert gardeners. You can add your suggestions, too.

Gary Smith, lead landscape architectural consultant for the Toronto Botanical Garden’s future expansion

Katsura tree! As the leaves of katsura (Cercidiphyllum japonicum) begin to change from green to yellow in the fall, they release a fragrance vaguely reminiscent of burnt sugar. There’s a mature katsura in my neighbour’s backyard, two doors from my own Portuguese Village postage stamp of a garden in Toronto, and its delightfully mysterious scent catches me by surprise every autumn.

Hellebore (Garden Making photo)
Hellebore (Garden Making photo)

Tracy Jesson, gardener, Halifax Public Gardens

My favourite plant is hellebore, because it has early spring blooms, it’s evergreen and a classic. I don’t know the names of the varieties I have, but I haven’t met one I didn’t like!

Gary Lewis, Phoenix Perennials and Specialty plants, Richmond, B.C.

I couldn’t live without Beesia deltophylla. Basically, I’m a foliage person. Beesia has gorgeous, shiny, dark green heart-shaped leaves, and the new foliage is chocolate brown. Combine this with its tough nature and evergreen habit and you have a great and unusual “doer” as an accent in the shade garden or as a groundcover that looks beautiful year-round.

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Tell us what your favourite plant is and we’ll share it here. Include a sentence or two, describing why you wouldn’t garden without it. 

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