Tips for renovating a garden in Fall 2011 issue

Garden Making

Garden Making Fall 2011
Garden Making Fall 2011

In the Fall 2011 issue of Garden Making, the cover story is 15 Smart Ways to Renew Your Garden. It provides expert advice on renovating a garden. You can buy a copy from our online shop.

The issue also contains:

  • Plant portraits on
    viburnums to dazzle your garden, alliums to plant now and anemones, the belles of the fall
  • Smart options to consider for an eco-friendly driveway
  • A profile of a home garden that
    shines in autumn with native plants
  • What to do about deer and other pesky critters
  • How to plant a tapestry hedge
  • Hardy, health kales and cabbages
  • How to preserve your herbs
  • Cold frames to protect tender plants
  • Overwintering container plants
  • Elegant ways to treat multiple levels on a gentle slope
  • Much more
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