Simply Salad Global Gourmet Mix

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Simply Salad Global Gourmet Mix

Key facts about Simply Salad Global Gourmet Mix

  • (lettuce, brassicas and Asian herbs)
  • Harvest when 6 in (15 cm) tall
  • Part to full sun

Each multi-seed pellet contains five to seven seeds of different salad greens. Harvest when leaves are six inches tall, cutting back to one inch above soil level. The plants will put on new growth and can be harvested again in a few weeks. —Rodger Tschanz, University of Guelph

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These greens would be equally good in a light stir-fry, too. The seeds in each pellet germinate about the same time, meaning plants reach maturity together. Cool weather is best; on hot, sunny days, provide some shade. You can expect two or three harvests from this cut-and-come-again collection. Pretty enough to be grown on their own in a container.

 No. 7 of 15 New Plants for 2012

This is one of 15 new and noteworthy plants for 2012 showcased in the Garden Making feature garden at Canada Blooms 2012.

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New plants are tested for local growing conditions in trial gardens such as at the University of Guelph.

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