Still blooming in the garden

Judith Adam

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'Happy Returns' still in bloom.

Along side the driveway, a daylily (name forgotten, possibly ‘Happy Returns’) has sent up a flower scape at this late date. Despite three nights of light frost, a flower has opened, and there are additional swelling buds behind it. Can’t beat that enthusiasm! As well, the soft mounds of fumitory (Corydalis solida) continue to be covered with jaunty yellow blooms. Must be something about the colour yellow, I guess. If I was to make a yellow border next year, autumn could be its big moment.

'Happy Returns' still in bloom.
‘Happy Returns’ still in bloom.


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2 thoughts on “Still blooming in the garden”

  1. Hello Jennifer,
    I admire your larch, so pretty now. I have the second deciduous coniferous tree, a dawn redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides), now soft apricot and getting ready to drop foliage. These are both big trees, but worth the space — Judith

  2. I am enjoying your column as it always of the moment. I love fall in the garden. I am looking out on my tall yellow deciduous larch complemented by the red burning bush, the deep red Japanese maple and the large golden oval leaves of the witch hazel. Your small shrub suggestions are very tempting. My rudbeckia ‘Goldsturm’ has been feeding the goldfinches for weeks and has now popped up a couple of fresh blooms as have a white and a yellow primula. I think of the Keats poem To Autumn and like the bees, “think warm days will never cease” but reality will bring the snow no matter what.
    AGW Jennifer W.


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