Some scenes from Stratford Garden Festival 2017

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Brenda Sutherland of Earth Bound Gardens
Brenda Sutherland of Earth Bound Gardens
Brenda Sutherland of Earth Bound Gardens at the Stratford show.

The Stratford Garden Festival this weekend in Stratford, Ontario, is a remarkable local community fundraiser for the Ontario Lung Association that brings out thousands of people who enjoy “earthly delights,” which is this year’s theme. Started in 2001, the festival has netted more than $920,000 “to support lung health” and organizers hope that the 2017 event puts the cumulative total over $1 million.

There’s a mix of vendors and displays, most with a gardening focus, as well as a lineup of 20 speakers over four days. The show is at the Stratford Rotary Centre. More info is at

The show was started by Deedee Herman and Mary Hill, along with local landscapers and members of the arts community in Stratford (home of one of North America’s finest repertory companies, The Stratford Festival).

Among the vendors at the show:

Darren Heimbecker of Whistling Gardens is selling plants as well as talking about their garden.
Stratford 2017 Irrigatia Wade Pitman
Wade Pitman of Irrigatia is displaying a new system for vertical growing.
Peter Bechtel of Advanced Compost is providing free samples.
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2 thoughts on “Some scenes from Stratford Garden Festival 2017”

  1. I love the Stratford Garden Show. I have gone many years now and I love seeing all the vendors and the landscape displays. I especially love the great speakers that are present every year. The wealth of knowledge these speakers have and their generosity in passing this onto the audience is very well taken as shown by the crowds at these seminars.

  2. Hello Becky,
    My wife and I were at the Stratford show and heard your presentation. We enjoyed the whole affair. The size is manageable and the vendors very helpful and the talks informative. we are part of the Belle River & District Hort Society and had a nice chat with the ladies from the Stratford HS. The drive up and down was ok (Snow is ok in early March in Canada). Just wanted you to know.
    Regards, Paul


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