Chives, basil and parsley (Photo by Pixabay)

How to preserve herbs

Laura Langston

Using herbs you’ve harvested and preserved is a good way to keep the memory of summer alive. There are a number of ways to preserve herbs for the winter.

Basil growing in recycled salad container. (Photos by Carol Pope)

Microgreens give taste of summer all winter

Carol Pope

In winter, you can enjoy fresh herbs like basil and crisp, fresh salad greens by growing microgreens indoors. Here's how.

6 secrets to abundance in the edible garden

Carol Pope

Here are six secrets of the best choices for powerhouse producers that will provide you with easy, yet exquisite, edible garden fare all summer long.

‘Italian Cameo’ basil

Judith Adam

Judith Adam is trying dwarf basil, a natural complement to tomatoes and also ornamental on the deck. She selected ‘Italian Cameo’ basil.

My small basil farm

Judith Adam

Include a basket (or three!) of basil on the deck, where three hours of sun seem to be enough for leafy herbs like basil, dwarf dill, and parsley.