How to store tuberous begonias for the winter

Dugald Cameron

Tuberous begonias are often flowering at their best in late summer, just when it’s time to bring them indoors. How to store tuberous begonias over winter.

Bandana Landscape Pink lantana (Garden Making photo)

Bedding plants catch the eye

Beckie Fox

Many new bedding plants are being introduced. Here's what caught my eye at the 35th Canadian Greenhouse Conference.

Sparks Will Fly begonia worth saving

Judith Adam

One of my impulse buys was Sparks Will Fly begonia. Its bright tangerine-orange flowers look dazzling against bronze leaves with light green veins.

Nonstop Mocca White begonia and Wizard Jade coleus (Photo by Brendan Zwelling)

Tough little begonia

Judith Adam

Nonstop Mocca White tuberous begonia thinks this is a fine season for growing. The plants have been in small pots since May.