Feed the Birds book cover

Feed the Birds book features 196 species

Garden Making

If you want to attract or identify birds in your garden, Feed the Birds could help. Designed as a resource for beginners as well as experienced birdwatchers, the book details 196 bird species attracted to backyard bird feeders with explanations about their behaviour and how they adapt to the environment. It also discusses a wide variety of feeders and seed types.

Leave some seed for birds

Judith Adam

When clearing plants in the fall, two little goldfinches have reminded me that birds are dependent on seedheads for their autumn diet. Leave seed for birds.

Bee on a white aster (Photo by Brendan Zwelling)

The birds and the bees

Judith Adam

Drifts of little birds are busy in the shrubs and atop aging perennials, efficiently gleaning seeds to build up their ...