Mixed tulips and spring vetchling (Lathyrus vernus) in a perennial border. (Garden Making photos)

Where and when to plant spring bulbs

Beckie Fox

Spring is not the time to plant spring bulbs. But it is the best time to plan where to plant the spring-blooming bulbs in the fall.

Daffodil on Garden Making Instagram by Gary Hall

Why don’t my daffodils re-bloom?

Beckie Fox

Pamela in Sarnia asks why the daffodils she plants each fall bloom the following spring but never again. Beckie provides tips on what's needed to re-bloom.


How to store calla and canna lilies

Dugald Cameron

In the fall, you can store calla and canna lilies for next year. Both are easy to overwinter. Dugald Cameron explains how to bring plants indoors.


How to store tuberous begonias for the winter

Dugald Cameron

Tuberous begonias are often flowering at their best in late summer, just when it’s time to bring them indoors. How to store tuberous begonias over winter.

Time to order snowdrops

Judith Adam

Order snowdrops now to get them safely planted by the end of September. Snowdrop bulbs require early planting if they’re to flourish.