Purple alliums, columbines and camassias fill a display border at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania.

Two spring plant combinations to try

Beckie Fox

Two of Beckie Fox's favourite spring plant combinations that would be easy to recreate in most Canadian gardens. The first is inspired by Longwood Gardens.

Japanese fan-leaved columbine and poppies. Photo by Brendan Zwelling

Coping with columbine leaf miners

Judith Adam

The effects of columbine leaf miners can be devastating to your plants, here are two breeds of columbine that are resistant to columbine leaf miners. .

White Spruce cones, near Lacombe, Alberta (Photo by cj berry on Flickr via Wikimedia Commons)

Eccentric soil renovation with pine cones, rocks

Judith Adam

Cool days are here, and it’s time to address the more arduous tasks that we avoided in warmer months: soil renovation. My soil renovation strategy is to improve the drainage and oxygen content in the soil surrounding perennial plants.