Red-veined sorrel (Photo by Carol Pope)

Food to grow where deer roam

Carol Pope

Here's more ideas for food that you can grow in areas where deer roam, including rhubarb, sorrel, garlic and culinary herbs.

An easy way to make soil

Judith Adam

Autumn is a good time to renovate soil and prepare new beds that will be ready for planting as soon as frost leaves the ground.

Making happy, healthy soil

Kat Fox

Adding organic matter at the beginning, and regularly throughout the year, is the key to making happy and healthy soil.

Early spring garden cleanup

Judith Adam

With early spring garden cleanup and lawn raking, the piles of leaves, bits of dead grass and other plant debris makes good compost material.

Easy leaf mulch

Judith Adam

The merits of a three- to four-inch blanket of leaf mulch on soil is a gardener’s autumn mission — to return nutrients to the soil, conserve moisture, promote healthy soil structure and prevent erosion.