Container Gardening

Wait to harvest blueberries until the berries have turned from green to reddish purple to deep blue, and then wait an extra two days for the sweetness to develop. (Photo by Joanne Young)

Blueberry bonanza

Niki Jabbour

Both decorative and delicious, highbush blueberries offer homegrown goodness all season long. Discover how to properly grow, prune and harvest blueberries. Plus, tips on growing blueberries in containers.

Yellow and white primroses paired with pink hellebores make a pretty spring container garden.

Spring garden container with pink and yellow

Beckie Fox

Your spring garden containers don’t always need to include tulips and daffodils for a pop of colour. Pair yellow and white primroses with pink hellebores.

A selection of foliage plants with contrasting textures and shapes adds interest to a shady corner.

Foliage shines in container plants for shade

Beckie Fox

Choose interesting foliage for container plants for shade. Use a combination of leaf shapes and textures to add beauty to a shady setting.

Choose containers that are practical and also suit your garden style.

How to choose garden pots

Beckie Fox

Before you think about what plants for container gardening, consider what garden pots you have on hand, what needs replacing and what you need to acquire.

Yellow, lime, purple, white and mauve annuals brighten a porch planter. (Garden Making photo)

Container combo for front porch planters

Beckie Fox

For front porch planters, the best-looking summer containers are filled to the brim with plants that feature bountiful flowers and interesting foliage.