Corydalis lutea

Long-blooming pale corydalis. (Photo by Brendan Zwelling)

Monkshood and corydalis still blooming

Judith Adam

Two perennials are carrying on like this is the moment they’ve been waiting for: the azure monkshood (sometimes known as wolfsbane) and the yellow fumewort, Corydalis lutea, and its cousin, C. ochroleuca, the white and yellow fumewort.

White Spruce cones, near Lacombe, Alberta (Photo by cj berry on Flickr via Wikimedia Commons)

Eccentric soil renovation with pine cones, rocks

Judith Adam

Cool days are here, and it’s time to address the more arduous tasks that we avoided in warmer months: soil renovation. My soil renovation strategy is to improve the drainage and oxygen content in the soil surrounding perennial plants.