Crocus in garden in Fredericton, New Brunswick (Photo by Pierette Pheeney)

When do I split crocus clumps?

Beckie Fox

I have some crocus clumps that need to be split and divided. Do I do that now or wait until Fall planting time?

'Baby Boomer' daffodils (Photo courtesy of Veseys)

Scented spring bulbs

Judith Adam

For scented spring bulbs, fortunately there are plenty of perfumed spring blooms to select from. Some are more scented than others. Judith Adams favourites

Glory-of-the-snow (Photo by Ruhrfisc via Wikimedia Commons)

Minor bulbs make a big impact

Judith Adam

This cool spring has provided me with an opportunity to survey my garden’s small, minor bulbs to see which are still going strong, and which are disappearing.

Helleborus niger 'Praecox' (Photo by Judith Adam)

Backyard plant hybridizing

Judith Adam

Plant hybridizing is a complex science, but for backyard gardeners, the most basic rule for producing clear flower tones is to make crosses between blossoms of similar colour.