'Bumble Rumble' dahlia

Shopping for dahlias

Beckie Fox

Although Beckie ordered a dozen dahlia tubers in January — the earlier you order, the better the selection — she's thinking of choosing a few more. A fresh start for this year affords the chance to grow new-to-her varieties.

Dahlias hail from warmer parts of the globe and can’t withstand our deep-freeze winters. Make sure to properly store your dahlia tubers this winter. (Photo by Joanne Young)

4 steps to overwinter tender plants

Lorraine Flanigan

From callas and cannas to begonias and dahlias, here are 4 steps to give summer-flowering tender plants the TLC they need to survive the winter.

Solenia begonias (Photo by Garden Making)

Vivid colours in President’s Choice new plants

Beckie Fox

President’s Choice new plants for Loblaw Company stores in 2014 pop with vivid colours of dahlias, verbenas, calibrachoas, begonias, gloxinia.

'Berliner Kleene' dahlia. (Garden Making photo)

When and how to store dahlias and cannas

Judith Adam

Dahlias need to experience a hard, killing frost before being dug. Taking them out of the ground too early, while still green, results in quick rotting.

Dashing dahlias

Beckie Fox

I’m not an expert dahlia grower, but I am an enthusiastic one. Every year, I try six or more different ...