evergreen pruning for holidays

Quick tip: Make kinder evergreen cuts

Beckie Fox

Take care when hacking branches off your trees and shrubs for holiday projects

Dwarf conifers such as columnar blue spruce offer focal interest. (Photo by Brendan Zwelling)

Designing with dwarf conifers

Karen York

Available in a huge range of textures, shapes and colours, dwarf conifers are nothing short of striking and can make a big impact in any-sized garden.

Mixed greenery for decorations can come from boughs cut in your own garden. (Photo by Joanne Young)

Cutting your own boughs for holiday decorations

Judith Adam

For tabletop and mantel decorations from evergreen branches, your garden can provide boughs of cedar, boxwood, fir, juniper, hemlock and spruce.

Protect evergreen shrubs and trees in winter

Judith Adam

Evergreen shrubs and trees might give the impression that they’re tough and resilient, but evergreens require protection to avoid winter injuries.