Hummingbirds love the nectar from turtlehead

Judith Adam

Pink turtlehead, sometimes called twisted shell flower, are showy plants that provide nectar loved by hummingbirds. They prefer nectar over sugar water.

Martagon lily from Vesey's

Time for more Martagon lilies

Judith Adam

The flowers resemble butterflies in flight, says Judith Adam about Martagon lilies. Their appeal includes tall skinny stems and speckled petals.

Time to order snowdrops

Judith Adam

Order snowdrops now to get them safely planted by the end of September. Snowdrop bulbs require early planting if they’re to flourish.

Japanese tree peony (Garden Making photo)

How to prune Japanese tree peonies

Judith Adam

Pruning is a good way to rejuvenate tree peonies. It’s better to prune tree peonies in early spring, when their pink buds are prominent, but not yet open.

Unpredictable hellebore seedlings

Judith Adam

Hellebore blossoms are opening in my garden. Early bees are enthralled with the wide flowers. It can make for unpredictable hellebore seedlings.