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When shopping for plants, choose healthy, well-grown specimens. (Garden Making photo)

5 tips for shopping for new plants

Garden Making

To help you when shopping for plants for your garden, these 5 tips will help you choose healthy, well-grown specimens, especially trees and shrubs.

Euphorbia Star Dust Super Flash and Voodoo Star Red verbena are bright, cheerful options for containers this year.

Garden centre preview of new plants

Kat Fox

There are some exciting new plants this year at all garden centres and nurseries, and here are some highlights of President's Choice's offerings (true to form, my new plants highlights are mostly edibles!)

Perennials, shrubs and trees are on sale at most nurseries in the fall.

Bargains to be found at garden centres

Judith Adam

There are bargains to be found at garden centres! Shopping the late-season sales is one way to find good shrubs and perennials at discounted prices.