Geranium, Pelargonium and Fuchsia Society of Ontario General Meeting

Christina Dowhaniuk

Presentation by Bill Wilkinson: “Taking Cuttings”; a mini show; sale of specialty plants grown by members; election of officers; draw ...

Geranium, Pelargonium and Fuchsia Society of Ontario Plant Swap and Sale

Christina Dowhaniuk

The main theme for this meeting will be to trade plants, pick up seeds and buy plants donated by members ...


Geraniums: workhorses in the garden

Beckie Fox

Cranesbills, now more commonly referred to by their genus name Geranium, have played an important, albeit supporting, role in my gardens for many years. There are a huge number of perennial geranium species and cultivars — short or tall, compact or sprawling, for sun or shade, native or non-native, groundcover or specimen plant, adamant about good drainage or tolerant of heavy clay, etc.

A collection of Japanese string art, also known as kokedama. (Photo by Wikimedia)

How to make kokedama

Heather White

Elegant in their simplicity, Japanese moss balls, called Kokedama, are easy to create. We show you how, but be warned—there are strings attached.

Mini Cascade Pink ivy geranium. (Photo from

Ivy geraniums for containers

Judith Adam

Ideal for containers and window boxes, ivy geraniums will be happy to bloom all summer in part shade to full sun with attractive flowers and foliage.

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