This display of a working greenhouse includes everything needed to grow tomatoes year round, including live bees.

Fun for gardeners at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

Kat Fox

I’ve gone to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair every November since 1994, but it has only been the past few ...

'Cinnamon' poinsettia

Discovering new poinsettias

Kat Fox

Poinsettias bloom just in time for the holiday season. They can live under the worst light conditions for three to four weeks, and longer with more light.

Rodger Tschanz

New plants in Guelph greenhouse

Garden Making

Video about new plants. We visit Rodger Tschanz at the University of Guelph to check up on the new trial plants grown for Garden Making.

Regina floral conservatory

Public greenhouses where you can get your plant fix

Lorraine Hunter

A list of several public greenhouses filled with bright blooms and towering tropical trees. On a cold winter’s day, they can cheer up anyone.