A collection of Japanese string art, also known as kokedama. (Photo by Wikimedia)

How to make kokedama

Heather White

Elegant in their simplicity, Japanese moss balls, called Kokedama, are easy to create. We show you how, but be warned—there are strings attached.

avandula x intermedia ‘Grosso’. Photo by Walter Gardens, Inc.

How to grow and brew herbal teas

Laura Langston

Tips on how to grow and brew your own herbal tea. Learn how to prepare your home made brew, and which herbs pair best with one another.

A section of a 36-porcelain jar collection by ceramic artist Nici Ruggiero. She based her design on apothecary jars that would have been used by early pharmacists.

A visit to the Chelsea Physic Garden

Beckie Fox

The walled Chelsea Physic Garden in London is a peaceful place to spend an afternoon, regardless of your gardening inclinations.

6 secrets to abundance in the edible garden

Carol Pope

Here are six secrets of the best choices for powerhouse producers that will provide you with easy, yet exquisite, edible garden fare all summer long.

Big, textured hosta leaves are gorgeous on their own, or mix them with a few blooms. I chose another shade-loving plant, begonias, as a companion because of the bright pink colour and because I know my begonias will rebloom this summer. The begonias will wilt long before the hostas do, so I'll replace the begonias with something else to keep the arrangement going.

Tips for flower arrangements from your garden

Kat Fox

Beyond the usual roses and peonies, many plants make gorgeous arrangements for inside. Here are some tips for flower arrangements from your garden.

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