Allergy-free gardening

Karen York

If you wheeze and sneeze when you set foot in the garden, just think about sex — plant sex, that is. Tips on how to make an allergy-free garden.

New Guinea impatiens, such as Infinity Salmon from Proven Winners, is one type of impatiens resistant to downy mildew.

What impatiens plants can be grown?

Beckie Fox

Beverly asks about impatiens plants due to the powder mildew issue that hit them a few years ago. Have the growers been able to develop a replacement?

Bandana Landscape Pink lantana (Garden Making photo)

Bedding plants catch the eye

Beckie Fox

Many new bedding plants are being introduced. Here's what caught my eye at the 35th Canadian Greenhouse Conference.

SunPatiens come in range of vivid colours, too. (Photo from Sakata Ornamentals)

Problem-solving SunPatiens catch the eye

Judith Adam

SunPatiens, a new strain of New Guinea impatiens, thrive in full sun to part shade, bloom from spring to frost. They’re resistant to downy mildew.

Solenia begonias (Photo by Garden Making)

Vivid colours in President’s Choice new plants

Beckie Fox

President’s Choice new plants for Loblaw Company stores in 2014 pop with vivid colours of dahlias, verbenas, calibrachoas, begonias, gloxinia.

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