ivy geraniums

Cherry red ivy geraniums won’t shy away from intense sun and heat. (Photo by Garden Making)

6 container plants looking good in the heat

Beckie Fox

Container plants need to stand up to summer heat and humidity. Here are 6 container plants performing well for Garden Making Editor-in-Chief Beckie Fox.

Mini Cascade Pink ivy geranium. (Photo from Veseys.com)

Ivy geraniums for containers

Judith Adam

Ideal for containers and window boxes, ivy geraniums will be happy to bloom all summer in part shade to full sun with attractive flowers and foliage.

Ivy geranium Caliente Hot Coral (Photo by Brendan Zwelling)

Plants struggling with the heat

Judith Adam

Plants are struggling to stand in the heat and wind. Watering suggestions. Caliente Hot Coral ivy geraniums show surprising heat resilience