lawn care

lawn renovation

Lessons learned while renovating a lawn

Beckie Fox

After nearly 20 years of letting things be in our lawn, we decided early last spring to give the lawn a makeover. Early spring, when temperatures are cool and rain is expected, is an excellent time to renovate turfgrass. Fall is good, too. Summer is not recommended.

A natural lawn is made up of many different types of plants that can withstand foot traffic and weekly mowing. (Photo by Pixabay)

Natural lawn care

Judith Adam

How to care for your lawn more naturally, with tips on improving soil conditions, and watering and fertilizing more effectively and efficiently.

Gather fallen leaves to make leaf mould: your soil will thank you.

Tips for lawns this fall

Judith Adam

Lawns will forgive a summer of neglect if you’ll do something good for them in autumn. Here are three key tips for lawns this fall.