'Charles Lamont' viburnum is an early-blooming shrub. Photo by Brendan Zwelling

When to apply spring fertilizers

Judith Adam

When is the best time to provide spring fertilizers to help the plants restore themselves? Acting too quickly can sometimes interfere with what's best.

October is good time for lawn fertilizer.

Best fertilizer for lawn in autumn

Judith Adam

Autumn is the time to look in garden centres for bags of the best fertilizer for your lawn. October is the month to get it spread across the lawn.

How to seed a new lawn

Garden Making

Thick, green grass can be started from seed, too. This free tip sheet on how to seed a new lawn tells you how to save money and select a custom mixture.

Drought relief for lawns

Judith Adam

The drought continues and the few isolated bursts of rain have done little to relieve moisture-stressed lawns. However lawns can be kept reasonably green by sowing White clover (Trifolium repens) into the grass.

No snow = low soil moisture

Judith Adam

Looking at my garden at the end of February, what I see is mostly bare soil. This doesn’t bode well ...