The first flowers of spring

Stephen Westcott-Gratton

First flowers of spring: In Stephen Westcott-Gratton's garden in south-central Ontario, minor bulbs of early spring are in flower, as are the hellebores.

‘Rosea’ magnolia (Photo by Lorraine Beswick)

The sweet scent of magnolias

Judith Adam

All magnolias are graced with beautiful flowers. The magnolias we grow in Canada are as scented as their southern cousins, even in our cool springs.

white garden

Design a white garden

Judith Adam

Be it day or night, sunlight or moonlight, white plants will add a wondrous effect to your garden. Two designs for a white garden in part shade or sun.

Long-blooming 'Susan' magnolia. (Photo by Brendan Zwelling)

‘Susan’ magnolia still blooming

Judith Adam

Many of the early-blooming magnolias (such as cultivars of M. stellata and M. x soulangeana) were tricked into opening early, only ...

'Susan' magnolia from Wikipedia Commons

Garden design: glory is in the details

Judith Adam

Intelligent garden design is often executed in small and personal details, with plants that blend into comfortable landscapes and show the gardener’s skill and attention.

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