new plants

‘Dark Dimension’ hyacinth could bring some drama to your garden. Photo from Veseys.

Recommended flower bulbs

Kat Fox

I reached out to bulbs companies to find out what they think is new and exciting this season, and they gave me a lot of options for flower bulbs.

'Brandywine' tomatoes, the variety being grafted onto hardier rootstock. Photo from Stokes Seeds.

Grafted tomatoes promise hardier plants

Kat Fox

Grafted tomato plants will be available to home gardeners, who can then grow tomatoes with the vigour of specific rootstock and the taste of specific fruit.

Roses in the trial gardens at Landscape Ontario. (Photo by Heather Hayden)

New hardy roses even a beginner can grow

Kat Fox

As a new gardener, some plants intimidate me more than others. I hear rumours that lupins are picky about soil, ...

Rodger Tschanz

New plants in Guelph greenhouse

Garden Making

Video about new plants. We visit Rodger Tschanz at the University of Guelph to check up on the new trial plants grown for Garden Making.

An insider look at new plants

Garden Making

Rodger Tschanz definitely has the inside track on new plants. He’s been in charge of growing and evaluating new annuals ...