Orchid Sale

Terry Kennedy

Lots of great orchid plants for beginners as well as connoisseurs. Need to repot your orchids? Get the supplies at Orchidfest.

A collection of Japanese string art, also known as kokedama. (Photo by Wikimedia)

How to make kokedama

Heather White

Elegant in their simplicity, Japanese moss balls, called Kokedama, are easy to create. We show you how, but be warned—there are strings attached.

Orchid Phalaenopsis hybrid (Photo by Arad Mojtahedi of Montreal via Creative Commons.)

Repotting my moth orchids

Judith Adam

A growing medium for orchids should help anchor the roots and be free draining, allowing water to run through the pot. The mix materials must also absorb enough moisture and nutrients to feed the roots and hydrate the orchids.