ornamental grass

Japanese forest grass (Photo from Flickr by Megan Hanson)

5 ornamental grasses for shade

Lorraine Flanigan

When we think of ornamental grasses, visions of sun-kissed meadows come to mind. But some grasses hail from shadier parts. Here are five to try.

Ornamental grass 'Morning Light'

Ornamental grasses in bloom

Judith Adam

Roses and ornamental grasses in the front garden continue to bloom and prolong the seasonal display, much appreciated in autumn

Variegated 'Morning Light' is a clump-forming ornamental grass. (Photo by Brendan Zwelling)

Ornamental grass bomb

Judith Adam

When digging out the invading ornamental grass roots, I was surprised to find a deep system of tough, resistant woody runners. It was impossible to get all of them out, and each autumn I have a major digging initiative to work on removing grass runners that have spread during the summer.