Container-grown rosemary can be overwintered indoors when given the right conditions. (Photo by Pixabay)

Overwintering rosemary

Laura Langston

Overwintering rosemary indoors can be a challenge, but there are ways that you can enjoy this Mediterranean herb year-round.

Amaryllis in bloom (Photo from Flickr by Maja Dumat)

How to overwinter amaryllis?

Dugald Cameron

I stopped watering my amaryllis at the beginning of September as usual. As I was about to store them, they started growing new flower stems! I have been growing amaryllis for 20 years and this has never happened. What should I do?

Brugmansias are showy tropical charmers that bring colour and a sweet scent to the garden. (Photo by Wikipedia)

Brugmansia mania

Steven Biggs

Steven Biggs has an obsession for Brugmansias – woody tropicals with hanging flowers. Here's his tips for displaying, growing and overwintering brugmansia.