Miniature roses (Photo from Pixabay)

Miniature roses: simply irresistible

Laura Langston

Ideal in the garden and perfect for pots, these miniatures have all the splendour of regular-sized roses.

Dahlias hail from warmer parts of the globe and can’t withstand our deep-freeze winters. Make sure to properly store your dahlia tubers this winter. (Photo by Joanne Young)

4 steps to overwinter tender plants

Lorraine Flanigan

From callas and cannas to begonias and dahlias, here are 4 steps to give summer-flowering tender plants the TLC they need to survive the winter.

Hostas are easy to overwinter in containers.

How to overwinter perennials in pots

Beckie Fox

Herbaceous perennials in pots — plants that die back and are dormant in winter — need to be protected. Here's 3 ways for overwintering perennials in pots.

Overwintering succulents

Overwintering succulents

Kat Fox

Overwintering succulents requires a sunny spot to live in and go dormant until spring. They don't need to get watered until they're coming out of dormancy.

Snow insulates plants but wind can be brutal. (Garden Making photo)

Winterizing woody plants

Judith Adam

Winterizing woody plants is necessary to prevent winter damage, or worse, outright death from cold. It’s useful to remember what wrapping is meant to do — block wind from fully impacting on the wrapped plant.