peat moss

Dahlias in summer 2017: Saving the tubers over the winter.

What to do when stored dahlia tubers sprout early?

Garden Making

Dahlia tubers that were put to bed in peat moss in the basement have started to send up shoots. Nick Vanderheide of Creekside Growers offers advice.

Substituting coir for peat moss

Judith Adam

Many gardeners are eager to learn more about using coir as a substitute for peat moss. Coir is a layer of plant fibre contained in the husk of coconuts.

Glory-of-the-snow (Photo by Ruhrfisc via Wikimedia Commons)

Minor bulbs make a big impact

Judith Adam

This cool spring has provided me with an opportunity to survey my garden’s small, minor bulbs to see which are still going strong, and which are disappearing.