'Coral and Gold' peony. (Photo courtesy of Blossom Hill Nursery.)

How to move peonies

Judith Adam

When it’s necessary to move or divide peonies, the best season is autumn. Judith Adam explains how to move peony plants.

‘Coral and Gold’ peony. Photo courtesy of Blossom Hill Nursery.

Rain-proof peonies

Judith Adam

This was the week rain smashed the pale pink ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ peonies, which happens every year in early June. You just know there will be a downpour that will splatter the big double blooms across the lawn.

Peonies and butterflies

Judith Adam

On heavily budded peonies without ring supports, remove the two smaller buds on either side of the largest flower buds at the top of each stem.

‘Jan van Leeuwen’ peony has a lemon scent. (Photo by Brendan Adam-Zwelling)

Some of my favourite peonies

Judith Adam

Judith Adam's current favourite is ‘Jan van Leeuwen’ peony with lemon scent. Get plant supports in place before the peonies send their dark stems upward.