Hostas are easy to overwinter in containers.

How to overwinter perennials in pots

Beckie Fox

Herbaceous perennials in pots — plants that die back and are dormant in winter — need to be protected. Here's 3 ways for overwintering perennials in pots.

Camelot Mix foxgloves (Photo from Veseys)

Perennials that bloom the first year from seed

Judith Adam

Sowing seed indoors during deepest winter can prompt some perennials into blooming in their first season. How to grow perennials that bloom the first year from seed.

Catching up with bee balm and other travellers

Judith Adam

Beebalm plants. Abundant rain encourages colonizing perennials like beebalm to overtake landscape. My clumps have sent out running roots a full 18 inches.

Getting periwinkle under control

Judith Adam

Periwinkle, sometimes called myrtle has a beautiful blue or white spring flower. Its small leaves that work well with perennial plants and woody shrubs.


Culver’s root and turtlehead: Late summer stars

Judith Adam

At the Stratford Festival garden in Ontario, I was surprised to find tall thick stands of culver’s root and turtlehead, two old-fashioned Zone 5 plants.