evergreen pruning for holidays

Quick tip: Make kinder evergreen cuts

Beckie Fox

Take care when hacking branches off your trees and shrubs for holiday projects


Advice on pruning hydrangeas

Beckie Fox

Even experienced gardeners may hesitate before picking up secateurs to prune their hydrangeas. Some types are pruned now, some later, some rarely — which is which?


Gooseberry plants are easy to cultivate

Stephen Westcott-Gratton

Gooseberries are one of the easiest fruits to cultivate successfully. Gooseberry plants are compact, easy to grow and hardy.

Wait to harvest blueberries until the berries have turned from green to reddish purple to deep blue, and then wait an extra two days for the sweetness to develop. (Photo by Joanne Young)

Blueberry bonanza

Niki Jabbour

Both decorative and delicious, highbush blueberries offer homegrown goodness all season long. Discover how to properly grow, prune and harvest blueberries. Plus, tips on growing blueberries in containers.

Prune roses to spur growth and encourage more blooms. (Photo by Joanne Young)

How to prune roses

Judith Adam

With some know-how — and a “cane”-do attitude — you can successfully prune roses and enjoy more blooms this season.

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