Hydrangea macrophylla flowers on old, second-year wood. (Photo by Joanne Young)

When and how to prune hydrangeas?

Judith Adam

I have just read an article on hydrangeas, saying that some hydrangeas flower on the old wood? Eureka! Is pruning mine back each spring the reason why the bush has luscious green growth, but no flowers?

Time for midsummer deadheading and pruning

Judith Adam

There’s still plenty of growing time left in the season, but some deadheading is necessary if plants are to resume good form and continue to bloom.

Japanese tree peony (Garden Making photo)

How to prune Japanese tree peonies

Judith Adam

Pruning is a good way to rejuvenate tree peonies. It’s better to prune tree peonies in early spring, when their pink buds are prominent, but not yet open.

When to prune spring-flowering shrubs

Judith Adam

Although spring-flowering shrubs such as lilacs can vary in their bloom times, there’s far less leeway about when to prune spring flowering shrubs.

Wisteria (Garden Making photo)

Pruning Japanese wisteria

Judith Adam

Japanese wisteria is a rampant woody plant that requires pruning twice a year in late winter and late summer to encourage flower buds. If your wisteria is a roiling mass of long stems, you’re facing a large and ultimately satisfying job with loppers and secateurs.