'The Fairy' rose (Photo by Sheridan Nurseries)

‘The Fairy’ rose keeps on blooming

Judith Adam

The Fairy rose is one of three plants that keep blooming. Any plants that can keep showing a flower into November are well worth having in duplicates.

The governor’s garden

Past and present at Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens

Lorraine Flanigan

Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens in Nova Scotia show the importance of plants and gardens in the lives of a succession of settlers.


Rose care in moist conditions

Judith Adam

Constantly moist soil is wonderful for root growth (just so long as there is adequate drainage). Here are tips for rose care in moist conditions.

'Claire Matin' rose still blooming in late October. (Photo by Brendan Adam-Zwelling)

How to move roses

Judith Adam

If you're wondering when and how to move roses, autumn is a good time to move a rose bush, should you be so inclined.