Newly plantred Incarvillea mairei hardy gloxinia (Photo by brewbooks, near Seattle, USA, via Wikimedia Commons

Where to get seeds for Incarvillea mairei?

Beckie Fox

Elizabeth asks where to buy seeds or plants for dwarf hardy gloxinia (Incarvillea mairei). We have some suggestions but welcome readers to comment.

Seedy Saturday gatherings grow in appeal

Heather White

Seedy Saturday (or Sunday) gatherings are annual grassroots events where open-pollinated and heritage seeds are swapped. The local events grow in appeal.

Petunia Tidal Wave Red Velour grabs attention

Michael Fox

Petunia Tidal Wave Red Velour is grabbing attention becuase of its glamorous colour and bold growing habit.

Camelot Mix foxgloves (Photo from Veseys)

Perennials that bloom the first year from seed

Judith Adam

Sowing seed indoors during deepest winter can prompt some perennials into blooming in their first season. How to grow perennials that bloom the first year from seed.

Basil growing in recycled salad container. (Photos by Carol Pope)

Microgreens give taste of summer all winter

Carol Pope

In winter, you can enjoy fresh herbs like basil and crisp, fresh salad greens by growing microgreens indoors. Here's how.

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