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Savings Seeds guide to preserving plant biodiversity

Garden Making

Saving Seeds book advocates that home gardens have the potential to preserve vital biodiversity, if only we would let plants go to seed, harvest and preserve them. Saving Seeds, covers the essentials of seed saving, including seed selection criteria, harvest and storage tips, the role of seed-saving communities and seed companies.

Pansies are cool-season plants, they like cooler temperatures, and so do their seeds.(Photo by Joanne Young)

Starting seeds outdoors

Judith Adam

Everything you need to know about sowing annual flower and vegetable seeds in the garden

Starting seeds indoors

Judith Adam

Seeds of annual flowers and vegetables are easy to germinate and grow on to seedling stage, either indoors under lights or outdoors directly in the garden. There are basic protocols for soil, light and moisture, with specific requirements applying to individual plant species.

Seedy Saturday gatherings grow in appeal

Heather White

Seedy Saturday (or Sunday) gatherings are annual grassroots events where open-pollinated and heritage seeds are swapped. The local events grow in appeal.

Leave some seed for birds

Judith Adam

When clearing plants in the fall, two little goldfinches have reminded me that birds are dependent on seedheads for their autumn diet. Leave seed for birds.

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