Saving tomato and pepper seed

Judith Adam

Saving seeds can be as easy as collecting and drying pepper seed, and safely packaging them. It is a bit more complicated to save tomato seed.

An easy test helps determine seed viability.

How to test for seed viability

Judith Adam

Seeds seem suspended in time, but they contain living tissues, and have a finite number of years to remain viable. Here's how to test for seed viability.

Dwarf tomato seeds

Judith Adam

Judith Adam is picky about the tomatoes she grows. In the hundreds of tomatoes in seed catalogues, it’s not easy to find dwarf tomato seeds.

Starting primroses from seed

Judith Adam

Starting primroses from seed doesn't always require complicated treatment to germinate. Judith Adam is enchanted by lovely old-fashioned kinds of primroses.

Snow insulates plants but wind can be brutal. (Garden Making photo)

Winterizing woody plants

Judith Adam

Winterizing woody plants is necessary to prevent winter damage, or worse, outright death from cold. It’s useful to remember what wrapping is meant to do — block wind from fully impacting on the wrapped plant.